The Daily Beast: Switzerland to return frozen funds to the Magnitsky case

The Swiss authorities will return money to a number of Russian citizens involved in the Magnitsky case and under sanctions, The Daily Beast wrote, citing a ruling to that effect.

It is noted that a Swiss court has rejected an appeal and will send millions of dollars back to Russian citizens who have been accused of alleged involvement in the so-called Magnitsky case.

These Russians are believed in the US and UK to have been involved in the theft of $230 million from the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund. William Browder, the founder of the fund, initiated an investigation into several Russian officials and businessmen. Last year, the Swiss authorities announced the end of the 10-year investigation.

According to the newspaper, $5.5 million of the frozen funds will be returned to Olga Stepanova, a high-ranking official of the Russian Federal Tax Service, and her husband, Vladlen. About 37 million dollars will be returned to businessman Dmitriy Klyuyev. In addition, the court ordered to return $8.1 million of the frozen funds to businessman Denis Katsyv.

Earlier, Radio Sputnik reported that the USA was interested in the tax declarations of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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